We regard the information you share with the greatest respect. The privacy and confidentiality of our conversations is a right and privilege of yours. The only circumstances in which we cannot guarantee confidentiality, legally or ethically are when it's believed you intend to harm yourself or another person; when it's believed a child or elder has been or will be abused or neglected; or we receive a Court Order that requires us to release information. Otherwise, no information will be revealed to anyone about your treatment, diagnosis, history or even that you are a client, without your full knowledge and a signed Release of Information Form.



    The first session will be intake, assessment and exploring issues and goals you want to address. You and your therapist will decide which theraputic approaches will fit best for you.

    Length of sessions usually vary from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending in what your insurance allows.

    The frequency of sessions will be discussed and decided between you and your therapist, but it is usually advisable and recommend to begin with once a week. This will vary depending on your issues and the amount of distress you are experiencing.



    We accept most insurances, but please go to the individual therapist pages for a more complete list of insurances each therapist accepts. We will file for insurance reimbursement for you, but remember that you are responsible for paying our fee if your insurance company does not pay. 




    Before your first session you will need to contact your insurance company for information on your eligibility and benefits. Normally there is a number for MH/SA on the back of your insurance card or call your customer service number.


 Info you need:

1. Do you need a referral or  authorization for Mental Health Counseling?

2. How many sessions are you allowed per year?   When does the year start?

3. Do you have a deductible that has to be met first before insurance will pay?

If so, how much is your deductible?

4. If no deductible or it has been met, do you have a copay?  If so how much?

5. Please get the name of the person you speak with.




Our fee for the initial assessment is $150. Each session after that is $90 However, if you do not have insurance and are self pay and experiencing temporary financial difficulty, speak to your therapist about our sliding scale fee.



    If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call to cancel or re-schedule at least 24 hours in advance. If we do not receive advanced notice, you may be responsible for paying for the session you missed.